Workshop Enhance your Maths skills and Exercise your Brain Muscles

Saturday 20 May 2017 at 15:45 – 17:15

The workshop will explain to how to built positive attitude towards maths and how to avoid maths-phobia in young children.
This is a great opportunity to learn how to create strong mental foundations for your children.
Make friends with numbers!

The workshop is open to adults and children.
All queries from participants will be answered and solutions to individual needs will be provided.


Parties involved:

Vedic Maths techniques are considered to be as one of the world’s fastest Mental Maths calculation system!




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Café littéraire Le Bovary


10 euro – 7 euro for the HealthyLux Club members Air level and for the Vedic Maths Luxembourg members 

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You will then receive the necessary bank information to complete your registration. Your registration will be safely booked as soon as your payment is received. Please don’t forget to indicate if you are an HealthyLux Club member – Air level.

All other participants will become HealthyLux members Earth level.


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