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Give a short description of what you do

I am a Holistic Health Coach and owner of Get Real with Anne Louise. I am the creator of the Ideal Weight Management Program. I help women, specifically mothers, find their new true identity. Tony Robbins says, if we don’t grow, we die. And I truly believe this. I believe we are here to live our best life! Through small changes in diet and lifestyle EVERYONE can achieve maximum level of health and happiness!

I work in a holistic manner meaning that I look at all aspects of life. Everything in our life that is not food, feeds us in a different way but all affects our health and wellbeing. Everything from relationships, career to how you get up in the morning feeds your life and affects how you feel and ultimately your health and wellbeing. Healthy living is about so much more than nutrition and exercise!

Why, in your opinion, should people give up the food and activities they like to live healthier?

I don’t think that people should give up anything they love. I think it is all about adding in. Add in more vegetables or healthy habits and the unhealthy habits will slowly leave your life. I think it is about tweaking all your favourite foods and activities and turning them into healthy and fun activities or foods.
If you love watching TV in the evenings instead of taking that exercise class, why not bring in a treadmill and walk or run while you watch TV? It is much harder to snack while you walk or run 😉 Or if burgers are your favourite foods, there are millions of recipes out there to make the greasy unhealthy burger into a healthy yummy burger with lots of greens.
Everything can be tweaked. Never restrict yourself!

Why and how did you accept to live healthy?

I used to be really unhealthy. I used to party a lot and drink a lot of alcohol. The next day I would self medicate with greasy burgers and fries and finish off with crisps in front of TV. I would definitely not like getting much physical activity. Needless to say I was not very happy.
My life changed completely when I became pregnant. Suddenly I couldn’t hide behind alcohol or cigarettes and I had to find out who I was without it. It was a scary process but I went through it and it has been so worth it! I no longer smoke or drink (that much), I am eating and living healthily and feeling amazing! During this process I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, IIN. The courses, new friends and new things I learnt really helped me get through this process. It taught me how important it is to have support from someone who is knowledgeable and can hold your hand through it all. They have helped me find my new true identity as a parent and to finally live a healthy and REAL life!

Is it challenging, expensive and time-consuming?

I don’t think so, on the contrary. Living healthy and vibrant brings so many great experiences. I don’t get sick, as often as before, so that’s fewer trips to the doctor and less medicine. I don’t party as much as before which is great for my wallet and for my liver 😉
The biggest challenge is really to be true to yourself and to find the REAL cause behind the unhealthy habits. This requires some deep digging, which can feel scary. But boy is it worth it! And having someone to hold your hand throughout the journey can really help a lot!

Does it really work?

Of course it works, but you need to think of all factors. Healthy living is not just about nutrition and exercise, there is so much more to it. Your relationships, your career and everything else that feeds your mind and soul are contributing to your health and wellbeing. Make sure you take good care of it all!

What were the key factors that lead you to start a new healthier life?

My children! It was easy to be accountable to them, much easier than to myself. But, today I understand why in an emergency situation in a plane you have to put your own oxygen mask on before you help a child. You need to take care of yourself BEFORE you can take care of others!


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