Anyone in Lux?

Hello – anybody out there!??!

Summer at long last and suddenly the country seems deserted, don’t you think? For me personally, I cherish this time of year and intentionally schedule my holiday calendar to ensure I get to reap all the benefits of hot summer days (hopefully!), no traffic, and beautifully undisturbed quiet time to just read, relax and kick back !

To be honest though, I didn’t always feel this way. When I first arrived in the summer of 2008, my sentiments and reaction to the quietness of it all was completely different.  Here I was, adventuring into new and unknown territory and was ready to ‘hit the ground running’ as they say.. but oh NO – it was August in this little sleepy hollow town and I couldn’t as much as open a bank account, or arrange to have my phone and internet connected.  You’d simply have to wait for September to roll around before you considered achieving anything like that.  How does the country survive with such a mentality I thought?

Jump forward almost 10 years and here I am relishing in it all, having adopted the more European lifestyle, letting August just roll on by without a care in the world. Want something done – talk to me in September when my brain has reawakened!

But that of course, is on the business front. Lets move on to the more social scene shall we? I’m not one to be hitting the clubs and exploring the night scene, so tell me… is my perception true? Does everyone literally pack up the family and head to greener pastures for ALL of August, just leaving the very few behind to relish in the great expanse of the country all to ourselves? Or are there more people and things to do than one is led to believe?


I’ll be sitting on my back porch, swinging in my hammock, waiting for your comments! And while I do – here’s my list of simple things to do for August;

 – Rise & Shine with the sun – get up early and embrace the quiet

 – Read a book in the hammock

 – Cook and eat outside as often as you can – its BBQ time

 – Go for a bike ride

 – Rose S’il Vous Plait


Sabrina Foley – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

HealthyLux August theme – Anyone in Luxembourg?

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