So, I started on what I call my ‘mindfulness journey’ some weeks ago now.  The intention was to slow down, ‘smell the roses’ kind of thing and so the challenge began. I say ‘challenge’ because I am a girl of pace… always zooming to the next item on my agenda and not forcefully either. My energy supports it so I feel ‘why should I slow down’? The answer was not one that could be conjured up. I had to live it and experience it for myself.  So, one day while out walking my dogs I decided to listen, breath, connect to the earth through my feet. It was amazing! Hearing the leaves rustling under my shoes, birds chirping in the trees, which in itself for December in Luxembourg was a rare treat. It was literally music to my ears! I smiled and meandered on.


Days passed and I continued on my journey, ensuring I made a conscious effort to slow down, breath & take in all the sights and sounds that nature has to offer.


I took it a step further and decided to make the most of my down time. Instead of aimlessly scrolling through Facebook and Pinterest; creating boards I’ll probably never really look at again, I decided to pick up a book. Yes, an actual book. Not my iPad or Kindle – an actual book.


Within days, my mood became lighter. I could actually feel the anxiousness leaving my body. I sleep more soundly. I’m journaling. Picking up old cookbooks and exploring new recipes.  I’m connected to MYSELF and it ROCKS!


So in case you’re looking for something new to do, I encourage you to slow down. Breath. Be Present. Connect with your inner self and simply smile at the beauty that surrounds us. The miracle of life and the opportunity to be here today and enjoy it to it’s fullest.
Stop rushing. Where’s better than here – right now.


Sabrina – HealthyLux



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