Can One Have Holidays whilst Looking for A Job?

In today’s world we are connected to all sort of news no matter where we are located. As soon as we open the phone, e-mails and news feed start occupying our reality.

When looking for a new career opportunity, people are often glued into job boards checking every single possibility to apply for. The more one looks into something, the less we see what is actually happening. We get used to seeing the job advertisements, they all start looking like one another. We become critical to apply as we start focusing on skills that we do not have. When this happens, it is time to pull back and look at the whole picture. It even might require a break.

“WHAT? I cannot afford to have a holiday without a job!”

Holiday does not necessarily mean going abroad. Holiday can mean just turning off from what one is normally doing. If you have been looking for a job and you start to be tired of doing that; have little bit of time off. Be conscious that you are taking time off. It is your decision not to read your e-mails and messages through social media platforms. Switch it all off.

The break does not have to be weeks and months. It can be couple of days. But remember to be conscious about it. You might need to put your phone down. There is actually a whole world out there, if we look around.

Holiday can mean walking on bear feet on the grass, reading a book and sleeping until late. All this can be done also by staying home.

When was the last time you went into a library? Holiday means doing something different than you usually do.

You define what is different and what you wish to do. If your daily routine is based on looking for a new challenge by using lap top and phone, your holiday is being without those two machines.

Be brave and leave them behind. After your time off you can share your experience on social media about your adventure without your electronic equipment or maybe you choose not to do so.


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