Cecilie’s approach to a healthy lifestyle

Give a short description of what you do.
I am a Norwegian woman, mother of two and a wife who is very passionate about life! I love inspiring people to take better care of themselves through healthy food, exercise, better self-esteem and being present. I am a former nurse and today I work as a personal trainer and wellness coach. Through my job I can help people lose weight, get back to their workout routine and take better care of themselves, inside and out. I call myself Lifestyle Optimiser and that’s what life is all about, optimising our life based on every individual’s capacity and ambitions. I would like everyone to become the best version of themselves!

Why, in your opinion, should people give up the food and activities they like to live healthier?
We only live once and we only have one body to live in. Sometimes life doesn’t give second chances. I wouldn’t dare gambling on my health. Through my former job as a trained nurse, I have seen the downside of people not taking care of themselves. I love life, my family and friends too much to ignore my health. With all the information we have today about health and the access to food and the things that we can do to improve it, this has become so much easier. It’s not hard to replace certain ingredients to make breakfast, lunch or dinner so much healthier. We all have time to exercise if it’s important enough for us. You just need to think small first. We live in a very stressful society, but who creates the stress and the pressure? We do! The reward of making some small and better changes to your health is so big. Of course, we will never have a guarantee, but I want to know that I did what I could! I would hate to live with a regret and say, “Why haven’t I?” Use the professionals around you, we are here to support, inspire and help you!

Why and how did you accept to live healthy?
Growing up, I watched my grandfather and father ignoring their health and they lived a very unhealthy life! Both of them got a heart condition when they were 44 and they both had a bypass surgery when they were 48! I l also watched other family members and my friends’ family getting sick and I realised it was because of their lifestyle. I understood early that we can make a huge impact on our health through some simple changes.
After having two beautiful boys my “why” became even bigger! I can make a big impact on their relationship to food, health and exercise. But I can’t only tell them about it, I have to show the way. It’s all about finding a balance that works for you. When you find yourself always having lots of energy and never being sick, you know you are doing something right! When my children are grabbing an apple or a banana instead of cookies, I feel, yes, they have learned something! For me, it’s about balance! Of course I enjoy a piece of cake when it’s someone’s birthday, I enjoy a glass of wine, I love a piece of chocolate from time to time, but not every day and in small quantities!

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Is it challenging, expensive and time-consuming?
It takes a bit of energy and time in the beginning to change habits, but once it’s done, it’s not complicated anymore! We just need to know what to do! That’s why I love my job! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people change their lives for the better thinking about their health and well-being!
Start to replace the ingredients in your cupboard with healthier things. It’s easy to cook and eat healthy, you just need to know what to use. When you have found an activity that you really like, you would like to do more because it makes you feel awesome!
I have chosen to eat only organic, yes, that is more expensive, but then I’d rather eat less! Never buy pre- processed food, it’s full of additives that can cause a lot of harm to your body. Home made food tastes so much better. Always make double portions that you can eat the day after or put in the freezer and save for busy days.
I always say, eating, living and staying healthy isn’t expensive, hard and time-consuming.
But being sick is tough, expensive and time-consuming! You can’t work, nothing is more energy-draining and the medical bills keep adding up… Where do you prefer to put your time, money and energy in? In living healthy or being sick?

Does it really work?
YES YES YES, no doubt about it! Being a nurse, this might sound a bit strange, but I don’t believe in medication. I believe in healthy food. You can eat yourself sick and you can eat yourself healthy! Saying that, we are all individuals and I think that food creates chemical reactions in our bodies. Something that is good for me, doesn’t have to be good for you. But our body is amazing, it will let us know.
Our health is a relationship between ourselves and our body. Nourish it with love, healthy food and exercise.
You will love the way it makes you feel, life will seem easier and the long-term positive side effects are amazing!
If it feels overwhelming, you don’t need to see the whole journey and do all the changes today. It starts with one step, one at a time!



What was the key factor that lead you to start a new healthier life?
It broke my heart when I was working as a nurse and saw all the young people dying of cancer and other diseases. Life is so precious and we are so vulnerable. Living healthy isn’t difficult and the reward is so high!
Make a decision today to start to take care of your body! Trust me, it will be a decision you will never regret!


Cecilie Rigneus

Owner at Lifestyle Optimiser


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