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As a part of a group challenge I took it on myself to stream a video via Facebook Live Every Day for 30 Days.

Day #1

This comes at a perfect timing because I have just started to change my diet (and have lost 4 kilos in 3 weeks), signed up to a gym and am taking care of myself a bit more.

Because I realised that I am healthy but not fit and just put strain on my body by not giving it the foods that help it be in good shape. I also noticed that I will burn out if I don’t practise more self-care…

Another bonus is that it helps me practising my discipline, keeping my friends up to date, who I see too rarely because I am so busy and keeping my fans up to date on what is going on. And that is a lot.

On top of that I am going to give you insights on sleep and answer any questions I might have. So tune in !

Day #2

Today I had to remind myself that responsibility starts with yourself. A single step everyday can create massive results later on whether it is a healthy eating choice, communicating more clearly, taking some time out during the day. It doesn’t matter what it is but it is all about YOU every day.

Day #3

Today I went to the hairdresser’s for my Keratin treatment. Yes it takes 3 hours but listen to why I love it and get an insight into my food prep here !

Day #4

Back in the game!
Today is a very, very honest post about why I do what I do, why this is a coming out of sorts and I talk about what it is like to have exercised for the first time in a long time. In conclusion, I have missed working out even though that totally surprised me. And being so honest was really tough but it was necessary and it was scary but also helpful to me to develop. Have a look !

Day #5

Today I really noticed how my body is not used to any physical exercise anymore. I am in pain! I know that for many that is a great sign and they kind of enjoy it but seriously . . .  I prefer a massage any day.

However, I can’t wait to not feel like this after my sessions anymore. Let’s get this body fit!

Day #6

Today’s video nearly didn’t happen. I was so tired and had just deleted more than an hour’s worth of work BUT I had told myself to be disciplined and so doing this video in the end was much more rewarding than just “doing a video”. It truly goes to show that we sometimes make more of a fuss around things than they are and if you just pull through then you can do it and it isn’t nearly as exhausting as you thought it would be. I am convinced that is applicable to anything in life.

Day #7

Today I am sharing quite a few news from a summit called Permission to
Leap, which is encouraging you to be the true YOU and feeling good about that. I give you a sneak peek into my Kickstarter campaign for my book Sleep Like A Boss and I have also been chosen for a portrait about entrepreneurs, which I am so excited about. It goes to show that your work is being seen, even if you sometimes don’t think so. So whatever you do: stay positive because you never know who’s watching. I am sure the HealthyLux community appreciates this approach!


Today’s video is about a project I have been working on to help all of you out there get better sleep! Intrigued? Have a look at the video but you will hear more about it soon.

I also just came back from my second workout soooo so far so good with my diet and workout and we had some really nice fish with lemongrass, canelli beans and spinach for dinner which was delicious! Stay tuned for more . . .


Today you get an peek at our healthy Tagine that we had for dinner and that is super easy to do and practical as you can have it simmer for a couple of hours. Add some cinnamon for your bloodsugar levels and some garam massalam to burn your fat 😉 and you are good to go!

I am also pledging to take 2 weeks off and am featured in Telecran woohooo! Watch the video !


Today I am discussing the difference between a glass drinking bottle vs plastic ones. Personally, although BPA’s are regulated in Europe I don’t really like nor trust plastic bottles, especially on hotter days, and so I invested in a glass one and I love it.

I think it is a good investment for adults as well as for kids when you are out and about and take it along.


As a mother it is tough to do it all but I am truly lucky and grateful to have my wonderful husband who is helping me build the dream I believe in and impact other people.

Today you will see how I juggle different plates to get ready for my live event and rush from one meeting to the next, whilst still incorporating my goal to become fit.
It can be a lot sometimes but in the end it is always worth it. Have a look !


Today I am explaining what my Kickstarter campaign is and how it works. My book Sleep Like A Boss is a real gem in terms of that I truly care about my readers and want them to succeed without pills or meds but holistically with mind and body in sync.


Hello & welcome to my #30DayChallenge

Today you can witness me doing my live podcast! For me it is the easiest way to keep in touch with my clients and to be present. I tried blogging but it just isn’t me so if you are a business owner I would really encourage you to do whatever works for you, whether it is blogging, Facebook Live a podcast or whatever speaks to you. It will make your life a lot easier!

Day #14

Today I talk about how I fell of the wagon and how you can deal with it any any other event that might not have gone as planned.

Day #15

Today I am greeting you from London and how it makes everything better in your life if you truly stand for who you are and makes you happy.

Day #16

Today I am totally taking some time off. And it is helping me so much to get new ideas. It is ok to take breaks and just focus on yourself. You “simply” need to give yourself permission 🙂

Day #17

Today I am travelling back home and I am cristal clear on my health, my goals and who I am so it was definitely worth it.

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