How to make kombucha

Not your typical ‘cuppa’ but a delicious blend of black or green fermented tea none-the-less and something that has become part of my daily routine..

I suppose my curiosity peaked some months ago when I had been reading more and more about this wonder drink on the internet and all its touted health benefits, coupled with a close friend of mine sharing her own experiences on Facebook (thanks Erika!) which got me into sharing my thoughts with the Hubby and before I knew it – welcome the arrival of our new SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria & yeast)!

Admittedly, my nerves were on edge the moment the starter kit arrived and I realised what I had actually signed myself up for – pH strips, thermometer strips, glucose, loose tea..  The kitchen perfectionist that I am panicked big time.. and so the kit sat there and sat there some more until one day the Hubby couldn’t take it anymore and decided to take matters into his own hands.  Together, we brewed some tea, added all the necessary ingredients and just let it ‘do it’s thing’. Putting all fears aside (the worst of it was over right?) it suddenly turned into a daily obsession, seeing if the temperature was right, had the fermentation process started, do we taste it or don’t we, OMG is it DEAD… haha. The saga went on for some time until eventually all nerves were calmed and we’ve literally lost count of the number of batches we’ve prepared.

kombucha healthyluxIt’s fair to say that by now we’re hooked, with Hubby having mastered the technique of experimenting from green to black to even rooibos varieties of tea and every type of sugar you can think of (in fact – the darker the sugar we’re finding the richer and sweeter the batch) while I have become the family ‘guinea pig’.  Like anything, making your own is that much more meaningful and flavorful and so we’ve recently learned very rewarding and giving.  Our ‘mother’ SCOBY has been thriving and with much delight we’ve been able to share out three SCOBY ‘babies’ to like minded people looking for a new venture of experimentation in their lives – ‘AWESOME’ I SAY! :))

So, if by now, your curiosity has peaked I say ‘give it a go’! Ask around… reach out to your friends and see if someone near you has a SCOBY ‘baby’ and let the adventure begin – you won’t regret it!

To get you started, see the below link for an easy ‘How to’ video and recipe.

Happy brewing!

Sabrina – HealthyLux

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