International Baby Wearing Week 9 October 2016

  • After the International Baby Wearing Week 2015, with the most original place, here it comes the contest to celebrate the International Baby Wearing Week 2016, from 5th to 10th October!
***Which is the most original (come on, even if not the healthiest :)) dish you have ever prepared while wearing your baby?***
Comment and share to win one set of three fitness classes with your baby/bump offered by MammaFit Luxembourg and a very cute present by The Juliet Way 😉

You have time until the 9th October to participate, the winner will be drawn on the 10th October and it will be published on HealthyLux facebook page on the 11th October.

Good luck to everyone! See you at the walk!

1. Trëppeltour vir d’Interantional Babywearing Week 2016
Kommt an trëppelt mat eis mat

1ère Marche pour la semaine internationale du portage 2016

1st Walk for International Babywearing Week 2016
Come and join us


En collaboration avec et MammaFit Luxembourg, organise la première marche pour celebrer la semaine international du portage.

10.00: Ajustement de porte-bébé et simples astuces pour l’écharpe

Location de porte-bébés (voir la disponibilité)

10.30: Départ 4km (simple, accessible aussi pour les poussettes, vélos enfants, avec une aire de jeux)

12-14: Barbecue

12-13: Idée fitness avec vos bébé (by MammaFit) – Idée de relaxation avec bébé (by HealthyLux)

13-14: Cours de portage pour les doudoux avec diplôme

14.00: Tirage au sort pour le concours organisé du magasin (achat de lots au magasin Mimis)

14.30: Départ 4 km/10 km

Bien sûr vous pouvez aussi partir en individu (des cartes seront disponibles, mais en groupe c’est sûrement plus gai)

Pensez bien à apporter vos propres couverts ainsi que le picnic. Nous offrons la possibilité de faire le barbecue. Apportez vos légumes/viandes.

Prix de participation pour chaque famille 10€ pour couvrir les frais d’organisation et de location, pas de raisons commerciales.


Event 09.10.2016 – English

In collaboration with and MammaFit Luxembourg, organizes the first walk to celebrate the International Baby Wearing Week.

• 10.00: baby carrier adjustment and simple tips

• baby carriers rental (check availability)

• 10.30: Start 4km walk (simple, also accessible for strollers, children bicycles, playground available)

• 12-14: BBQ

• 12-13: Fitness ideas with your baby (by MammaFit) – How to relax with your baby (by HealthyLux)

• 13-14: baby wearing training for dolls with diploma

• 14.00: Draw for the contest of the store (buying lots in store Mimis)

• 14.30: Start 4 km / 10 km walk

Of course you can also do the walk alone (maps available, but in group it is certainly more fan)

Remember to bring your own cutlery and the picnic. We offer the possibility of barbecue. Bring your veggies / meat.
Participation fees for each family € 10 to cover the costs of organizing and rental, no commercial reasons.

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  1. I prepared a barley, carrots lentils soup with my little one on my back. He was a bit cranky. So I decided to put him in my carrier, he was much more calm, sucked his thumb, curled my hair, and I could prepare an healthy meal for the family while having my baby close to me.

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