Martina’s approach to a healthy life

I have been interested in an active lifestyle ever since I was very young. I am very fond of sports in general and especially interested in dancing. During my childhood I practiced classical dance for more than 7 years, participated in hip hop and jazz dance classes and went to a dancing school for standard and Latin dance (in Austria where I am from, dancing the waltz and other standard dances is quite common, also for the young generation).

I also like going to the gym or doing different types of outdoor activities such as biking, playing badminton or going for walks. Therefore halfway through my pregnancy I was looking for an adequate activity for myself and the baby bump and came across the MammaFit classes. For more than three months during my pregnancy and then again after the birth of my daughter, I have regularly participated in MammaFit classes.

I especially enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the classes and the fact that the exercises take place in a park. Participating in the MammaFit classes is a great occasion to meet other mums with their babies and to get into shape at the same time.

Although I have always been a healthy eater, e.g. buying only organic versions of certain products, rarely eating fast-food and cooking fresh meals on an almost daily basis, my perception of food has become different since my daughter is part of my life. More concretely ever since she started eating solids. Like every mum I only want the best for her. I therefore pay attention to the food she eats, especially in terms of local, organic products. This is particularly true for meat (there are so many things one hears and reads about medication that is fed to the animals in order for them to grow quicker so I prefer to limit the consumption of products coming from these animals). Even though high quality meat is very expensive I prefer to buy good quality and, as a result, have meat less often.
I am very happy with my decision. Simply watching my daughter putting food with her tiny hands into her mouth and grinning happily because she is proud of herself (and seems to like what she is eating) is sufficient confirmation to continue making an extra effort when buying food.


MammaFit mum and HealthyLux volunteer

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