How often we notice that people have a different approach when it comes to eat meat!
We have interviewed Lynsey Baxter and here we are to share the answer to some common doubts.


Lynsey Baxter uses a unique approach together with all of her skills, knowledge and a wide range of tools to help you achieve your wellness goal, whether that is weight loss, to live a healthier, more vibrant life or to reduce stress. Lynsey is the only native English speaking hypnobirthing instructor in Luxembourg.
1. Do you think we should eat meat?
Yes I do.  I believe that the building blocks of our bodies (amino acids) are most easily obtained from animal products.  I do think that we should eat LESS meat and more vegetables though.  I also think that we should eat different parts of the animal and not just the muscle meat of the same 3 or 4 animals.


lynsey-baxter-healthylux-jpg2. There are so many articles saying meat is bad for us though?
True but big announcements make big headlines.  These stories are usually based on very limited and often poorly conducted experiments.
For example, do they consider the provenance of the meats? Whether they are bio/organic?  A little known fact is that when animals eat grass, their meats are higher in good omega 3 fats (these reduce inflammation in our bodies when we eat them).  Animals that eat grains, which is not their natural diet, have meats higher in omega 6 fats which promote inflammation in our bodies.

3. So you don’t agree with vegan diets?
I think that vegan diets work well for some people – everyone is different though, what is right for one person may not work for another.  Many people feel better after switching to a vegan diet simply because they become more conscious about the kinds of foods they are eating and they clean up their diet considerably.  It is very hard to find any references to fully vegan societies now or in the past though and that speaks volumes to me.


4. How should we eat then?
I believe that we should follow a Paleo style, whole food diet that includes eating from nose to tail.  There are nutrients found in muscle meats that in moderation are good, but too much (as with anything) means that we get a build up of certain elements in our bodies.  We can balance this by eating other parts like the skin, organs and bone broth.


5. But the thought of eating offal makes me feel sick!
There are different things you can do to make offal more palatable.  Liver pate is one thing that many people can easily eat.  You can mince up liver and add it to meatballs with lots of herbs and spices and sweet and sticky sauce.  Chopping up the organs into really small pieces and adding them to slow cooked stews and casseroles can help too. Whenever I roast a chicken, I fry off the skin and the kids fight over it  I then put the bones into my slow cooker and use the broth to make soup or in place of water to cook rice and quinoa through absorption.  Most importantly of all though, make sure you add lots of vegetables to whatever you are cooking!


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