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‘And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul’

At long last, it’s time to say good-bye to those long, cold days of winter and embrace the long, hot days of summer. And what better way than in the great outdoors!

Interesting article published recently in the http://uk.businessinsider.com which lists 11 scientific reasons you should spend more time outside. Of course, we’ve all read and heard about it before, but have you actually tried it for yourself and noticed the energy levels increase, the smile stretch across your face and the brain fog… simply disappear? Crazy stuff – it actually works!

I’m fortunate enough to have two adorable fur-kids who live every waking hour of the day not only for food and cuddles, but extended walks in the woods. Even more fortunate, is the vast array of walking, hiking & cycling trails that the Grand Duchy has to offer – no matter where you live!

Funny thing though, I so often hear people remark on how small Luxembourg is and I suppose they’re right (to an extent!) as it is only 2,586 square kilometers (sounds massive to me!) and my response remains the same – ‘have you tried either walking or cycling it’? Behind every corner turned and hill climbed there’s a beautiful new canvas of rock, vineyard or hillside that awaits you. Trust me, if you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to start exploring and become witness to all the hidden treasures still yet to be discovered. And while you’re exploring, really capture the moment and reflect on how you’re feeling. Did all your worries fade away and make room for happier more pleasant thoughts to flood their way in?

My two personal favorites at the moment are lunchtime strolls through the park and scanning the cow pastures in the evenings for newborn calves. Each one offering me an opportunity to restore my mental energy and reduce any unwanted stress.

But if simply lacing up your shoes and heading outdoors doesn’t work for you; here are my two top picks to help you get started;

  • Rambling-in-Luxembourg – well done to the mastermind behind this FB page as it really does take all the hard work out of finding a place to visit and gives you just enough information to peak the curiosity needed to get you out there
  • Federation Luxembourgeoise de Marche Populaire – this is more structured as it’s organized by a walking club and has markers laid out along the way to keep you on track. For the family conscious out there, there are shorter & longer distances available to choose from and for 2EUR (last time I went) you get refreshments along the way! Win Win 🙂

The great outdoors awaits you – what are you going to do today to stimulate the senses and take charge of your well-being? Share your thoughts & comments below and let us know of your favorite ways to enjoy nature.

Sabrina – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

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