Snacking at school – what to give our kids in their schoolbags?

Vive la rentrée! The secret to help our children to face the day with a burst of energy and good concentration, is to carefully choose the breakfast as well as a snack!
Yes, but what to give our children to snack in their schoolbag?

More and more studies show that children are victims of a bad diet: too much sugar, too much salt, too little fiber or too little variety.

The risks incurred by these issues can include problems with hyperactivity, lack of concentration and learning disabilities, obesity, addiction to sugar, and many more.

Most of these problems can be prevented with a natural, varied diet, rich in unrefined carbohydrates, some fresh fruits and lots of seasonal vegetables, preferably of biological origin.

So, this is how we can prepare healthy breakfasts and snacks… that are also tasty 🙂

Breakfast: It is critical that in the morning, children consume a proper meal according to their needs: breakfast should be rich in nutrients, but easily digestible.
The most suitable foods include milk or yogurt (both preferably goat or sheep milk or a non dairy alternative, preferably bio and fresh), whole grains (unprocessed) bread and jam, fruits. The bread should be simple, with no added fat, and preferably of whole flour, and ideally bio. Biscuits and processed snacks should be avoided as they are often high in bad fat and refined sugar; simple home baked cakes and biscuits are a better choice. If you have time, an egg is a great choice.
If children are not hungry when they wake up, you can give them breakfast just before they leave as long as they have the time to eat quietly.

Morning and afternoon snack: the snack should be nutritious but light, you don’t want to fill them up too much before lunch. The ideal snack is therefore a fruit, preferably seasonal and bio with a small amount of protein to slow the digestion of the sugars.
One of the most critical times for feeding children is undoubtedly the snack, because this is the time in which they try to satisfy their sweet tooth. We should avoid processed sweet snacks, candy, crisps and so on.
Healthy snacks have a delicious taste and an appealing appearance too! So, choose fruit sticks, fruit salad with a little yogurt, a slice of homemade cake, yogurt with a few bits of dark chocolate, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds (but only when we are sure that the child knows how to chew properly), homemade fruit yogurt, fruit smoothie, galettes with nut spread, kefir yoghurt (also rich in its lactic acid bacteria), high percentage dark chocolate, or if the child prefers a salty taste, a sweet potato sandwich with veg spread.

Let’s remember that healthy eating not only meets the nutritional needs of a growing child, but is also pleasing to the eye and the palate. By organizing your shopping list in advance, you can vary the snacks every day, thus promoting one of the basic rules of healthy eating.

Moreover, if we give our children the opportunity to eat this way, it will set them up to continue on the road to a healthy lifestyle as an adult.

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