SPRING – Detox season

Spring is the season of rebirth, nature is renewed and the body needs time to adapt to new bio-rhythms. To adapt to this phase quickly, in addition to psychological well-being (dedicating more time to ourselves) it is useful to eliminate toxins and waste accumulated during the winter period when the diet is usually rich in caloric foods.

In this tip I would like to give you some advice to better face “spring syndrome”: in other words drowsiness, apathy, mood swings, fatigue, heavy legs, which can regularly occur during this period.

If you are prone to one or more of these issues, this is most likely a sign of fatigue in your detoxification system (especially the liver).

Pesticides, heavy metals, toxins that come from foods, medicines, etc., fail to be eliminated easily and therefore stagnate inside our tissues.

Here are 5 tips to purify your body effectively:

  1. Every morning, drink on an empty stomach, the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon mixed with a little of warm water (about 30 degrees). Wait 10-15 minutes before having breakfast.

Why? The lemon is a natural antiseptic and is very rich in vitamin C. It is one of the most alkalizing fruits found in nature. Consider this action as a refreshing shower for your body.

  1. Drink 2 glasses a day (morning and afternoon) of beetroot juice.

Why? The beetroot is a vegetable that is rich in antioxidants which (among other qualities), slow down the action of free radicals, protecting the tissues and regulating blood pressure. Beetroots and your liver are best friends!

  1. Consume lots of cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage.

Why? They activate cell metabolism and allow the elimination of toxins from the tissues.  If you have a thyroid issue, it is better to eat these vegetables lightly cooked as they contain substances that can irritate the thyroid.

  1. Bitter tasting vegetables are also very good choices, choose chicory, endive, dandelion, artichoke and Marian thistle.

Why? They stimulate the production of bile that allows and promotes the blood cleaning process.

  1. If you love herbal teas and infusions, here are some simple recipes using the foods mentioned above, plus a couple of bonus ones:
    1. Artichoke herbal tea: 40g of artichoke, stem or root, infused in hot water. Strain and drink up to three cups a day, before eating.
    1. Dandelion herbal tea: 50g of dried leaves in a litre of hot water. Leave to infuse six minutes, covered, then strain and drink throughout the day.
    1. Nettle infusion: 25g of dried nettle leaves. Leave to infuse for five minutes, strain and drink. Three cups per day, one after each meal.
    1. Birch infusion: 30g of dried and chopped leaves in a jug of water, leave to infuse five minutes, strain and drink. Maximum three cups per day.


Mauro Maza

Naturopathic Practitioner at Naturopathe.lu

Source: Naturopathe.lu

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