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‘’You can’t do anything, it is because of puberty’’ How many young people (or their families) would respond in this way if you were to ask about those pimples?

Acne is just one of those things that  happens to teenagers, and sooner or later it will pass, right?

The truth is that this disease can evolve in the adults too, causing painful abscesses and fistulas. The victims torment their faces every morning in front of the mirror and can develop distrust in themselves and may even wish to escape other people and social contact.

I will try in this article to give you some info to prevent or alleviate the discomfort of this annoying problem.

Let’s start off with saying that there are usually two main sources:

  • Hormonal: causes related to the level of sex hormones that are subject to frequent imbalances during puberty
  • Nutrition: depends on the ability to metabolize fats (remember how teenagers’ nutrition is often unbalanced, or completely wrong!)

On the basis of these elements, here are some suggestions (as always, this is advice and does not replace medical treatment):

  • Exclude from your diet all acidifying foods such as tomatoes, coffee, tea, and alcohol
  • Limit or avoid fatty foods such as butter, creams, red meat, fried foods and sugars
  • Eliminate for at least a month milk and all its derivatives because, by now it is well known, they activate androgen receptors. Androgens are hormones which increase dramatically during adolescence; they favour an oily skin and inflammation
  • Over 50% of your diet should be composed of raw foods

Here are some natural remedies that may help:

  • Stop spot HeatlhyLuxAffected areas should be cleaned and sanitized, maybe with water and lemon juice, 2 times a day
  • Apply a green clay mask on the affected parts (for comfort, we advise you to take a Ready for Use Green Clay Mask ) with a few drops of Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) : 2 or 3 times per week, duration of application 15 minutes.


As an holistic science, naturopathy always considers the symbolic meaning and psychosomatic sense of a disease (not only the symptoms). In this case, acne can be born from the hypersensitivity of the person, who strives to please others by hiding their insecurity and anxiety.

The skin is in fact an important source of detoxification: it is enough to think that it may issue up to a kilo of waste a day through its semi-permeable membrane. It is in fact called in ethno-medicine “third kidney” because it plays a vital role in removing toxins from the body.
The skin is often the place where you can see the imbalances that exist in the body and in our emotions that are coming to the surface.

I highly recommend few sessions of meditation or applied mental techniques in order to teach people some effective exercises to control stress and develop self-valorisation: in fact, there are numerous publications of scientific studies that demonstrate how techniques such as hypnosis are very effective in the treatment of dermatological problems.

Here are a few:

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