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As anyone can tell, August can feel like a ghost town in Luxembourg. As with anything there are advantages to the quiet – take advantage of it.  Take advantage of the quiet of August and reap the benefits.

While there may not be many people here, there are plenty of activities around the city and around the region. Take advantage of all there is to see. Have you been to a farmer’s market or visited the wine countries of Luxembourg, France or Germany? Have you walked around the city or visited the Grund?

Here are just a few areas of Luxembourg that you may not even know about. Take advantage of the quiet of August to explore more than just the city www.visitluxembourg.com

Mullerthal or Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland (Eastern Region)

Mullerthal owes its name to its hilly landscape reminiscent of Switzerland. The Mullerthal is a unique biotope of rock formations that are as beguiling as they are surprising.

Along with Echternach, Luxembourg’s oldest, historic city, there is the Mullerthal Trail which is 112 kilometers of magnificent valley trails. The footpaths of Mullerthal will lead you through fields and forests into the heart of a natural setting. Besides demanding hikes, the Mullerthal offers a network of pleasant walks amidst breathtaking panoramas.

Moselle (East/Southern Region)

The Moselle River is one of the major rivers of Luxembourg. It runs along the border with Germany. Moselle lends its name to one of the most beautiful valleys of Luxembourg, famous for its wineries and medieval towns. The valley of the Moselle is famous for its steep hills and vineyards. It is also the birthplace of Luxembourg wines. Hikes, such as the wine route, are a great way to discover this region.

The Moselle region is great for water sports and hikers. Swimming, water skiing or Nordic walking are just some of the activities on and around the River Moselle, as well as river cruises.

Guttland (Central / West Region)

Just outside the city you can find an enchanting setting of charming villages with old farm houses, imposing castles and beautiful natural landscapes. There are hundreds of kilometers of hiking and biking. A highlight of the area is the Valley of the Seven Castles, which extends over 24 kilometers and includes the castles of Mersch, Schoenfels, Koerich, Hollenfels and Septfontaines as well as the two castles of Ansembourg. Medieval festivals and other events breathe new life into the old castle compounds.

Ardennes (Northern Region)

While the Ardennes is mostly known for it’s medieval, historical castles of Vianden, Bourscheid and Esch-sur-Sûre, there are also the nature parks including Naturpark Our and Naturpark Öewersaue.  Traditional markets, outdoor concerts and medieval festivals are reviving this fascinating medieval time.

Land of the Red Rocks (Southern Region)

The Land of the Red Rocks owes its name to the red ore of the steel industry in Luxembourg, back in the industrial era. Today, the former mining area has established a new identity through combining ancient and new technologies. The region encompasses the major commercial cities  including Esch-sur-Alzette, Differdange and Dudelange. Modern and trendy, these cities have a young and dynamic atmosphere. Street theater, rock festivals and concert halls form the cultural aspect. The region’s nature reserves have several mountain bike trails.


Take a day trip, go hiking, take a walk in the park, visit the castles, lakes and hills of Luxembourg and beyond. This is a great time to unwind, take some nice quiet breathes and focus on you and all that is around you. You just might be surprised at how much there is to offer if you just open yourself up and look beyond your everyday life in Luxembourg.


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