The 10 BIO-Must

Many people believe organic food is a passing fad, a trend of the 21st century, engineered to make us spend more money to have the same products that we always had.

This assessment is not so wrong, as eating organic 50 years ago just meant eating fruits and vegetables cultivated according to the rules of nature. The problem today is the fact that products conventionally defined as ”normal ” are anything but normal! “Normal” today means foods that are derived from transgenic seeds, genetically modified and treated with chemicals to make them the biggest and most beautiful as possible.

The question to ask is actually quite simple: if the poisons and pesticides are designed to kill organisms, why eat them? Besides the nutritional quality of the product and in addition to the advantages for our personal health, it is very important to consider the effects that intensive cultures have on the environment and on the ground.

In order to help you in this jungle of confusion over what is good and what is not, here the list of 10 foods to that are best to buy from organic sources:

  1. Salad: should be eaten bio as it is consumed whole and raw. The size of the leaves makes them particularly exposed to pesticides.
  2. Potatoes: If non-organic is a concentration of pesticides: just consider that a potato undergoes (on average) 5 treatment processes during its cultivation.
  3. Apples: the  skin of the apple is very thin compared to other fruits such as orange, banana, kiwi, etc., therefore the peel allows more chemicals inside the pulp.
  4. Peppers: another vegetable with a thin skin and eaten whole… a combination is not very forgiving. According to the American NGO Environmental Working Group (, the pepper is ranked as the most exposed to pesticides during the cultivation process.
  5. Grapes: the vineyards are vulnerable targets of insects and mould, which is why they are often treated with pesticides.
  6. Strawberries: as they grown close to the ground are particularly vulnerable to mould and organisms that ruin their appearance, therefore conventional strawberries are regularly treated with fungicides (including CAPTAN, which also promotes a bright colour).
  7. Beef: it is much better if you can track the origin, the way which the cattle has been fed and the farmer’s growing method as well:
    1. A diet rich in cereals makes the cattle obese and sick, this means more meat to sell but lower quality
    2. A natural diet with summer pastures and hay in winter, gives the animal fat healthy properties such as an higher concentration of Omega 3 or “good” fats.
    3. Conventional farming uses a lot of antibiotics to treat disease and help to fatten the animals.  We then consume these ourselves via the meat.
  8. Chicken: unfortunately the ‘’hormoned-chicken’’ is not a legend; factory farms use antibiotic medicines to prevent disease epidemics. A bird bred outdoors, free-range, will never have the same bland taste, the same decreased nutritional value and the same dangers for your health as an industrially raised chicken.
  9. Eggs: as for cattle, you have to monitor the type of poultry feed; in nature they do not eat only cereals or corn. On the contrary they peck for earthworms, snails, vegetables and some seasonal seeds. This is the only true way to produce quality eggs that are rich in Omega 3.
  10. Oil: the oils are fat bodies with high absorption capacity of the molecules to which they are exposed (that’s why a fat body in the kitchen quickly takes the taste or aroma of the herb). Oils are fats that have a high absorption capacity to molecules that they are exposed to (this is why oils in the kitchen quickly take on the taste or aroma of an herb that they are steeped with).

The oil should be virgin, extracted from the first cold pressing (without using solvents), stored in dark bottles to help stop oxidation. This is why many oils are sold in bottles wrapped with aluminum foil or metal cans.

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