The Happy season

We know that in life everything is related and has an impact in our mind & body, so I invite you to feel how to embrace Summer as a season of personal grow and life changing.

In Summer everything is fully green, in our dishes we found green food through salads and vegetables, we feel like drinking more green juices and you can see how Nature is alive by showing its green colors everywhere.

I believe in synchronicity and it is not a coincidence that when we refer to the center of our chest (Heart chakra) it has green energy!!

So, this means that Summer is the season of the Heart, is the season of connecting with yourself and with the planet, is called the season of Happiness.

Scientific studies showed that during this season our brain  switch off, we cannot think very clear because our attention is focused on enjoying the sun and spending more time in Nature, this is a break that your whole cells are asking for!

In this moment, you are taking more care of your health even if you are not doing it consciously; you eat more fruits and salads, you drink more water, you move more because you enjoy being outside, you share more moments with friends & family because you feel like going out, your body receives more Vitamin D and your immune system works better.

This is why Summer is the best moment for new resolutions, you are fully connected with yourself and with Nature, you feel full of energy and happiness and that makes the perfect moment to create new opportunities, to break bad habits and to let go of negativity.

Nature brings us the opportunity of cleansing all the negative energy that we feel, you can easily do it just by taking a walk into the woods, parks or even in the city.

Nourish yourself  by being outside, appreciate the place where you are during summer, whenever you eat a salad feel the green color in your heart and fulfil your body with this energy.


Use this period to release all tension and to re-charge your battery!

Your body, mind and soul will be very thankful.


Ana Vargas – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

Reiki Master , Self Healing Instructor and founder of A Magical Butterfly

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