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Give a short description of what you do

My name is Vesela Savova Drews and I am a certified Diet & Nutrition Advisor. I run and I’am passionate about nutrition, health food and cooking. Besides offering health-coaching sessions I also organize cooking and nutritional workshops for companies and private individuals.

Why, in your opinion, should people give up the food and activities they like to live healthier?

I don’t think we should “give up” anything in order to live healthy. In fact, this kind of notion is the most misleading one and it acts as a barrier to try and make a change. Living healthier is associated with increased energy and vitality, with better health, and better looks. So in fact by living healthier one can only gain more of life! It takes a bit of effort in the beginning as with any type of habit change, but the results are so worth it, that you will never look back to your previous habits with regret or nostalgia!

Why and how did you accept to live healthy?

Again, I didn’t have to accept to live healthy. I wanted to live healthy! As it happened I realized how much better I felt and that hooked me for life! It all started by going on an Easter lent 5 years ago. I’ve never been on a diet before and frankly never really put much thought into what I eat and how it makes me feel. Changing my diet for lent opened up a new world for me as for the first time I was conscious of my food choices. I started noticing changes in my energy level, mood and sports performance. It was like a whole new world opened up to me. The realization of how food can impact so much in ones life left me exhilarated! And so I started being interested in nutrition. It was a natural process, I didn’t force myself and never did anything that my body or mind was rejecting. I think this is a very important concept in making long-lasting changes.

Is it challenging, expensive and time-consuming?

Changing a habit and altering your diet can be challenging in the beginning. There is always a bit of resistance. The body wants to save energy and work on autopilot, so it craves routine. So the first few weeks of establishing a new routine can be a bit difficult and confusing. But once you get past them you will realize you have formed a new habit – a healthy one. And eating healthy becomes a second nature. Once there, it is no longer challenging and time-consuming. Eating healthy is not more expensive than eating junk food or eating out several times a week. Cooking at home saves you money, and with practice – time, and it offers you more nutrition as well as control, as you know what exactly goes into the food you eat.

Does it really work?


What was the key factor that lead you to start a new healthier life?

First it was curiosity. I knew lent and fasting are important subjects in many cultures and religions and people have been doing periods of fasting for ages. So I wanted to see what that was all about. Then it was excitement as I started to see why they do it. And as a result I noticed that I felt so much better that I decided to keep eating in a certain way. Since then my skin has cleared up (I used to have really bad skin), my weight is stable, and my energy levels are higher. Why would I ever want to go back?!


Vesela Savova Drews – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

Owner at Plateful nutrition


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