When less is more

If you’ve started getting the hang of the 3 basic tips to reducing your waste, you’ll probably be longing for more new projects to implement given the benefits you’ll experience from having less plastic bags and plastic bottles cluttering the house.


Here are 4 more advanced tips:


  • Be mindful of food waste:

Here’s a heartbreaking fact: globally, 1/3 of all food produced is never consumed. To avoid food waste, plan trips to the grocery store carefully. Build on what is available in your fridge to plan meals for the week. When you go to the restaurant, bring containers with you to put the leftovers in. If all else fails, use the organic bin from your municipality. At OUNI, Luxembourg’s first bulk shop, you can also buy only the amount you need.

Bonus benefit: If you are using organic veggies, create delicious dishes with your radish leaves, make an extra green soup with carrot tops and use kohlrabi leaves for a stir-fry.

  • Make your own cosmetics and cleaning products (DIY):

It took me a while to jump onto the DIY bandwagon for as it seemed rather intimidating. But it’s not that hard. And remember that many non-organic cosmetics and cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals like ammonia and petrochemical perfumes.

Bonus benefit: You feel empowered as you master new skills.

  • Buy second hand & give or sell items that you no longer use or need:

There are a number of second hand websites and stores, “Free your Stuff Luxembourg”, “Donnons.org”, “Yourshop.lu”, ‘KidsMarket.lu”– by putting things back into the economy we are preserving resources.

Bonus benefit: You can simplify your life: less visual clutter will lead to less stress and a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Repair:

Lengthen the lifetime of your things by repairing them. The longer the lifetime of an object, the better it is for the environment. Sew back a button or repair your shoes.

Bonus benefit: You save money.

Vanessa Paul – OUNI

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